Sarge SBC is booting the kernel again

Using DDD debugger with OpenOCD and JTAG interface I’ve found why the linux kernel was not booting. It was some missaligments caused by wrong gcc 4.1.1 compilation in CPU initlization routines located in u-boot and loader code – you should use gcc-3.4.6 (or less) for loader and u-boot if you want to avoid problems.

Debugging sarge with openmoko debug board

Yesterday I had a meeting with my friend Marcin Juszkiewicz (a.k.a Hrw) . Beign an openmoko developer has many advantages such as access to JTAG debug board shipped together with Neo1973. Thanks to Marcin’s courtesy I was able to borrow it for a few days. Using arm-linux-gdb together with OpenOCD debugger and JTAG debug board […]

It’s time for JTAG debugger

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make the kernel booting again. Debugging low level linux kernel booting routines can be a real pain if the only output is a serial console which actually doesn’t work a the moment of boot. I bought online a JTAG debugger and waiting for shipment. It should arrive […]

My hat ran ouf of rabbits

Durring last few weeks I’ve tried to bring the 2.6.17 kernel back to run – with no success. Why isn’t it booting anymore ? – read more …