AT91RM9200 fully I2C bus functional

There are dozens of chips using I2C (Inter-IC bus) bus. The AT91RM9200 chip used in The Sarge SBC project has embedded I2C master controller. Initially I’ve experienced some problems using the bus, but it was hardware/design problem. Now the I2C is fully functional and can be used very easly under linux with applications like lm-sensors. […]

Sarge SBC is running kernel 2.6.21

Running kernel 2.6.21 wasn’t just a matter of compiling newer release (previously I’ve used 2.6.17). The MMC core and AT91 driver was a bit rearranged since 2.6.17 and booting from the SD card wasn’t possible. Luckily I’ve found patches from ECB_AT91 project and after some changes it worked for Sarge. It can be downloaded from […]