Debugging sarge with openmoko debug board

Yesterday I had a meeting with my friend Marcin Juszkiewicz (a.k.a Hrw) .

Beign an openmoko developer has many advantages such as access to JTAG debug

board shipped together with Neo1973. Thanks to Marcin’s courtesy I was able to

borrow it for a few days. Using arm-linux-gdb together with OpenOCD debugger

and JTAG debug board I’ll be able to find out why the latest linux kernels won’t boot on Sarge.

OpenMoko debug board:



Neo1973 debug board


For debugging I’m using the Non-Neo1973 JTAG connector.

It’s pinout on the picture below looks similiar to JTAG connectors that

I’ve seen in many electronics diagrams.


It’s time for JTAG debugger

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make the kernel booting again.

Debugging low level linux kernel booting routines can be a real pain if the only output is a serial console which actually doesn’t work a the moment of boot. I bought online a JTAG debugger and waiting for shipment. It should arrive tomorrow.

JTAG wiggler

My hat ran ouf of rabbits

Durring last few weeks I’ve tried to bring the 2.6.17 kernel back to run – with no success. Why isn’t it booting anymore ? – read more …

Sarge is booting linux kernel

Today our staff managed to boot linux kernel (2.6.17-14)  on The Sarge SBC.

After  few days of hard work We have finally positive results – see more…

Good things comes in small quantities

At 8:00 AM (local Black Mesa East Time, GMT+1:00) We have received a small package. It came from the upper facility condignations via pneumatic mail delivery system. It contents as usual was classified, however We have been expecting it in this time span and there is no longer need to be discrete about.

The package contained a 3 x AT45DB161D DataFlash and 2 x AT24C245N EEPROM chips. Because of nonsingular quantity our ods to avoid defective parts are higher this time. One of each chip will be used for Sarge SBC project which was little delayed because of noncontinous data integrity in the components used previously.

First u-boot … boot

Last 48 hours our staff spent deep under ground in The Black Mesa facility compound. The result of hard work was not the sparks of dying electronic equipment but the major step in the Sarge SBC project. On the 11th Mar 2007 16:27:08 We made first successful boot of U-boot ver 1.1.6 on AT91RM9200 SBC board. Now the current task is to develop STE100P PHY driver.

First boot – sarge project

Once again the Black Mesa East staff proved to be an able assistants.

The Sarge SBC project became more alive since We achieved first serial transmission.

Now we can upload boot-code via DBGU serial port.

Sarge PCB – soldering continues

Today the staff of Black Mesa East contributed to the Sarge SBC project.

The Sarge project is almost finished (at least in the electrical meaning).

Next step will be booting the OS and adaptating it to the used periferials, chips, MAC device etc.

We will notify you about the progress.

PCB for „Sarge” received …

Yes!!!. The long waited PCB for Sarge SBC computer has been arrived.

eagle libraries

New electronics projects subsection added.
Here I will post my libraries created for Eagle program.