3. eagle libraries


Under linux i work with Eagle CAD program. It contains libraries for many circuits. From time to time it appears that new chips, connectors and others components aren’t supported or nobody created a proper library yet. Here I will post some of my own created libraries. In this section You may also make here requests for new libraries.

UPDATE (11.02.2007):

– ENC28J60 (SPI ethernet controller, SSOP28, QFN28) LIB , PDF: main, errata.

– Magjack RJ45 for ENC28J60, LIB, PDF

I had some reports of non-worknig magjack-2.lbr, so here is a library created in freeware version:
and script:

To create library from script in the Eagle main menu select „new->library”, then „execute a script” and select magjack-2.scr from your folder. Ignore the errors, it should work anyway. Save library and everything is ready to work.

UPDATE (20.02.2007)

– X6173-15 (SD/MMC connector) LIB, PDF

UPDATE (03.05.2007)

– STE100P PHY chip LIB, script, PDF

UPDATE (26.09.2007)

– K4S281632F SDRAM chip LIB, script

– M12L64164A-8T SDRAM chip LIB, script

UPDATE (21.10.2007)

– AT91RM9200 chip, PQFP208 package LIB, script

UPDATE (29.01.2008)

– AT91SAM9260 chip, PQFP208 package LIB, script

UPDATE (14.03.2008)

– AT91SAM7X256 chip, LQFP100 package LIB, script

UPDATE (03.12.2009)

– ISP1520BD chip, LQFP64 package LIB, script

UPDATE (07.03.2010)

– HDD 2.5” connector, IDC 44 package LIB, script

UPDATE (03.01.2011)

– IRM2161 IR receiver LIB, script

UPDATE (24.04.2012)

– KINSUN 3001 J45 LIB


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