2. Sarge – extension board

HL2 episode2 - yeah, I can't wait

After almost successfuly created Sarge single board computer I thought it would be great to have an extension board with a few peripherals. So, now I’m working on the schematic and PCB design.

The board will contain:

  • CompactFlash connector
  • PCF8563C – i2c RTC
  • DS1621 – i2c termometer
  • MC23017 – i2c parallel I/O bank (led signaling, buzzer, 4-keys keyboard)
  • UDA1330 – i2s DAC for 16bit stereo-audio
  • 1 Watt audio amplifier for external mono phone
  • Nokia 6100 LCD connector, via SPI interface

The main project is almost finished, now I must make a triple-check if everything is fine to minimize design mistakes.

Here are some snapshots of the PCB:

TOP layer:

BOTTOM layer

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